E U C L I D ' S

Join our friend Euclid and keep your brain in shape.
It's not as hard as it might look; numbers are about fun too after all.


The People that came up with a challenging game out of an ordinary Math Problem.
The Creators of the Fun.




App. Engineer


App. Engineer


The truth fun starts when you get to know better what Euclid is looking for in this game. Let's take a look to its main challenges.

Where all Begins

Two Small Numbers. It's Euclid's turn and you have to take the chance. Pick a number and it will be substracted from the biggest. Keep in mind that make your opponent be out of choices is your main goal.

Make Progress

It might be hard at the beginning but seeing how you come up with smart strategies to get victories for you friend Euclid's is later priceless. Unlock achivements, play harder levels and even beat Euclid's enemy in Expert Mode.

Main Features

Life for Euclid's is better with HINTS, UNDO and LIFES. Go for them, there're plenty choices. Get better by practicing, do whatever it takes toget more coins so your friend may feel safer to keep the good work.

Share the Fun

What acomplishment is about when you don't have your friends with you? Login with Facebook, Share or Like Euclid's and gain coins and much more fun. Make your other friends to meet Euclid and let's the race begins!


It's being a very enjoyable trip with our new friend Euclid. And it will continue to. Here are some of the key steps.

CrosmYn Coders: EUCLID'S will be release This Weekend!

When things get real...

Ordinary Strategy Problem became a Game

Computer Science (Design Alorithms Class)

Always Trying to Create a Difference


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